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About Fit and FedThe Fit & Fed Team is a group of dedicated personal trainers, nutritionists and physical therapists located in downtown Toronto, Canada. We offer in-home personal training, nutrition counseling, and physical therapy to people all across the Greater Toronto Area.

The Fit & Fed Team are a group of driven professionals here to assist you in your pursuit of your unique goal using proven exercise techniques in the field of kinesiology and bioenergetics paired with the most up to date information regarding nutritional science.


Our team comes from an array of exercise backgrounds, ranging from former varsity athletes teams to rehabilitation specialists and more! We here at Fit & Fed understand that most people have numerous demands in their lives whether it be family, work or any of the other numerous responsibilities we have as individuals. This is the reason Fit & FedAbout Fit & Fed offers in-home training and consultations! What could be better than having a trainer work around YOUR schedule?

Our philosophy has always been to help you be the best you can be. We as a team are committed to continuing education regarding the newest and proven exercise techniques. We as a team then relay that information to you in an effective manner to motivate you to accomplish YOUR personal fitness goals. Our second philosophy has always been this: A good trainer doesn’t show you what they can do. A good trainer shows you what YOU can do. We here at Fit & Fed show you what you never thought you could do.

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Fit & Fed is holding a circuit style bootcamp going on every Friday at 7:30pm at Blast Athletic Toronto.

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Personal Trainer Services in Toronto

Our team will help you reach your goals, and will guide you to be in the best shape of your life. Contact us!

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Nutrition Services in Toronto

Wei Su, a Registered Holistic Nutrionist teaches healthy cooking classes and works individually with clients to achieve their goals!

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