Latest Update on Fit & Fed’s Bootcamp #3

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Hey boys and girls!

This is Zacchaeus here bringing you some pretty awesome news about our next bootcamp! First off, thanks to all those who have RSVP-ed already and for those who haven’t yet, hurry before the bootcamp date so that you can save money!

I am also pleased to report a new development. Part of the proceeds from this bootcamp will be going to charity! Which charity you ask? Well take a look at the pdf link below!

The charity is run by Fit & Fed’s very good friend Mike Hoehn who is an avid runner and a real humanitarian. To see more about what the charity does and where the funds will be going to specifically OR if you would like to come and join Anne’s team on one of their runs, simply visit

That is all for now, we here at Fit & Fed hope to see you all on Sunday August 5th at our bootcamp!


Fit & Fed

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