Fit & Fed’s Zacchaeus Chan Ironman competition!

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Fit & Fed’s Zacchaeus Chan Ironman competition!Hey boys and girls!

This is Fit & Fed’s Zacchaeus Chan here to fill you in on what I’ve been doing so far in China. As you may or may not know I am currently training to compete in the Hong Kong Ironman competition, the Shanghai marathon, the Beijing marathon, and the Tokyo Ironman competition as well. Not only that, but I will be competing with my brother and mother in these competitions!

We touched down in Hong Kong just a few days ago and it definitely is a change of scenery from Toronto. Firstly, the health and fitness industry is almost invisible here in China and Hong Kong. Second, the people here I feel don’t have a strong fashion sense LOL. But anyways, my first competition is less than a week away and my foot is still a little iffy. I will have my physio take one last look 3 days before the competition day and see if I get the green light. Hopefully he will and I will get to compete, and if not – then I guess I’ll have to go God mode and tough it out regardless #GodMode.

Anyways, today was a really long day of training and sightseeing, but here is a picture of my brother and I going God mode in the gym in preparation for our competitions :D Like Zeus and Hades lol

Alright boys and girls, I am going to go grab some shut eye and I’ll keep you all posted on how the days are counting down to the day. GAH YOW!!


Zacchaeus Chan

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