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Fit & Fed is ecstatic to offer one-on-one nutritional consulting and personal training packages catered towards achieving your health needs, wants, and desires! Whether you face digestive issues, are dealing with food sensitivities, would like to loose weight, gain lean muscle mass, want to feel more energized, or whatever else it is that you might be trying to overcome or achieve, we can help YOU get those results! If you feel empowered to take control of your health, we can offer the advice and necessary tools while supporting you to become even more fabulous than you already are!

Fit & Fed – Services Offered and Rates

Services Rates
Nutrition Assessment, Nutrition Coaching Sessions – 30 Minutes $65
Fitness Assessment, Personal Training – 1 Hour $80
Semi – Private Training – 1 Hour $110
Group Workshops – 2-3 Hours $300
Individualized Strength Training Program + Nutrition Program (1 cycle, 20 weeks) $350
Individualized Running Program + Nutrition Program (1 season, 20 weeks) $350
Online training/consult/follow-up – 15 minutes $20