Zack is a very knowledgeable and dedicated trainer. He excels at analysing your physique and physical capabilities to determine exactly what type of exercise sets would yield the most effective results. His exercise sets are always difficult, but innovative, and always designed to push your limits. During the the time that I trained with him, I have accomplished feats that I never thought I could. Thanks Fit & Fed! James Q.

The Fit and Fed team have been an instrumental part of my physical growth and development over the past year. The consistency in which the trainers dedicate themselves to their clients exemplify the purpose behind their mission. I needed someone who could motivate, dedicate and inspire me when I couldn’t myself. Zack pushes me when I cannot myself and inspires me when I feel all hope is lost. He understands the intricate balance between knowing when to motivate me and when it is important to find motivation within myself. Not only am I gaining physical strength but also mental endurance S.G.

I have been training with F&F for over a year now, enduring runs, compound training and killer supersets. Zack’s training is one of a kind that is very much customized to my body. Zack helped me reach and exceed my fitness goals, and showed me I was capable of much more than I had ever thought. His training style is also diverse, difficult and holistic. Zack’s workouts are about building functional body strength, conditioning and form, all of which are useful across any sport or physical activity out there. I would highly recommend not just Zack as a trainer, but the entire Fit & Fed team. Nishant B.

Zacchaeus from Fit & Fed got me ready for my first race ever, which just happen to be The Spartan Race. It was great! He has a vast knowledge of the human body and training. He was very challenging and pushed me to levels I never thought I’d reach. Zacchaeus has trained not only my body, but my mind too. He’s very talented and professional at what he does! E., Maria