Hong Kong Tigerhead Mountain 25km Dec. 3rd!

Hey Everyone!

Your trainer Zack here just letting you boys and girls know I will be leaving for China soon to compete in a few races! The most exciting one will be a trail run straight up Tigerhead mountain. It is a 25km run uphill continuously! 

I have been doing a lot of hill sprints but unfortunately, Toronto just doesn't have many inclines :( I look forward to letting you all know how I do!




Scotiabank Marathon!

Hey everyone!

With this past weekend, our Endurance Coach Zacchaeus took part in the 2017 Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon. Coach Zacchaeus paced two clients on the bright and warm Sunday morning (5k and the 42.2km). 

Coach Zacchaeus also met up with another big name in the fitness community, one Julian Ho - the founder of Toronto 2.0! Julian is also a very strong endurance athlete and currently teaches classes all over the city of Toronto. 

Congratulations to everyone who ran the Scotiabank, and take a well deserved winter break!